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Summer 2019: Foundations & Advanced Topics in

Restorative Justice


Summer 2019 Restorative Justice Retreat

August 2019: Course Descriptions

Foundations In Restorative Justice

August 14, 15 & 16, 2019

The Restorative Center's foundational training provides an experience-based understanding of TRC’s community based model of Restorative Justice. Our trainings are engaging, lively and ever-evolving. We utilize theory based lectures, the interactive circle experience, skill development, mock circles, as well as small and large group discussions. TRC's Newburgh Model Workbook will be distributed to participants. This course is open to newcomers to TRC, as well as to trained Circle Keepers who would like to deepen their foundations in the work.

Advanced Topics Workshop

August 16, 17 & 18, 2019

Advanced Topics Workshop is open to participants who have already taken TRC’s Foundations training. This is a dynamic training in Circle implementation and skills development. We will workshop the implementation of Circles in communities and schools, learn how to conduct highly-charged circles for conflict scenarios, as well as other lessons from the field. Through this we will cultivate and advance the art and practice of being a Circle Keeper.

Both trainings will be led by Shailly Agnihotri, TRC’s Founder/ED, along with experienced teen and community leaders in Restorative Justice. Read Shailly's law review article: Reclaiming Restorative Justice: An Alternate Paradigm for Justice.


Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Perched high in the hills of Van Etten in Central/Upstate New York, Light on the Hill is a retreat center that provides a sacred space where seekers can find peace and solace away from their everyday worldly pursuits. The center is located on 236 acres of woods, streams, gorges, and walking paths, and offers panoramic views as distant as Pennsylvania.

All TRC guests will sleep in private bedrooms in the Inner Light Lodge—a spacious and light-filled dwelling surrounded by nature and  glorious views. If roommates are desired, two-person dorms are available.

Nourishing gourmet vegetarian meals are served with many vegan options and are included with every stay.

To read more about our retreat space, click here: Light on the Hill Retreat Center


Three Training Options:

Foundations In Restorative Justice: 3 days/2 nights

Begins Wednesday at 2 pm and ends Friday after lunch. See detailed schedule below. The total costs for the course fee + two-night retreat accommodations with meals is $450.

Advanced Topics Workshop: 3 days/2 nights

Begins Friday at 2 pm; ends Sunday after lunch. The total cost for the course fee + two-night retreat accommodations with meals is $450.

Combined Course Immersion: 5 days/4 nights

Stay for both courses, beginning Wednesday and ending Sunday, at a reduced rate. The total cost for both Foundation and Advanced course fees + four-night retreat accommodations with meals is $800.

Please note: We use the course fee to give our Teen Trainers a fellowship to attend and co-teach. Most of our work is done by volunteers. We do our best to keep costs low.


Foundations Course Overview

August 14th, 15th & 16th, 2019


Restorative Justice: A circle at a time.

The potential of restorative circles in community

Explore the application of circles in our community, family, schools & workplace

Learn about talking pieces, the phases of a circle, and the use of prompts

How to use storytelling to develop empathy and share vulnerability

Develop the skills in communications and circle keeping


We are the ones we've been waiting for.


  • Lunch

  • The Journey of a Circle Keeper

  • Dinner at 6pm

  • The Circle Experience


  • Breakfast

  • Theory & Practice

  • Elements of Restorative Justice Circles

  • Lunch

  • Time for unstructured reflection

  • The Phases of Circles

  • The Art of Circle Keeping

  • Dinner at 6 pm

  • Bonfire


  • Breakfast

  • Mock Circles

  • Lunch

  • Implementing Circles

  • Check-out at 2 pm


Advanced Workshop: Diving Deeper to Reach Further

Advanced Topics Workshop Overview

August 16th, 17th & 18th, 2019

Arrive as early as you can on Friday (join us for lunch if you can); however, your rooms may not be ready until after dinner.

During our time together,

  • We will workshop implementing Circles within schools, prisons, conflict situations and more;

  • We will work on developing our book of prompts, the art of circle keeping and the power of mining our personal stories for advanced work.

  • We will leave with a concrete plan on how to bring our community-based model into the world.



Is this training for you?

In these challenging times where our anger and hurt is easily available to us, and our desire to do something is paramount, the yin model of restorative justice that TRC teaches is harder to access. Most of us need restorative yoga more than a restorative justice-training workshop!

During the training, I ask you to leave your personal agenda at the door. And to surrender results. And to be trained in a model where we hold space for everyone. One can see how counter intuitive this can feel in these times that already require so much of us. I am confident that TRC’s model is a path forward but as with most journeys the work begins within.

This is all to say: we will require a pre-participation phone call to make sure our method is something you want to spend time learning. Training group will be kept small. And if you have trained with us before: please join us again. We have a lot to share.

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