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Summer 2019 Registration

Join us at the beautiful Light on the Hill this summer!

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Course Fee Includes:

  • Tuition fee for training/workshop in Restorative Justice.

  • Two-nights accommodation per training segment with vegetarian meals and snacks.

Single Course Fee and two-night room + board is $450 for Foundation or Advanced Training.

Combined course fee and four-night room + board is $800 if attending both Foundations and Advanced Trainings.

Please pay to The Restorative Center by filling out the registration form on the left and paying the full amount due.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that there are NO REFUNDS for registration costs. In exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the organization, unavoidable cancellations will incur a $50 administration fee per course, plus the cost of any applicable transaction fees.

important: pre-training Call

You are required to have a 10 to 15 minute pre-training phone call with TRC. Our phone number is (917) 310-1764. Please call us during one of these times:

  • Sundays from 6-8 pm EST

  • Thursdays from 8-10 am EST

  • If theres times do not work please email us to set up a different time.

secure your attendance:

Full payment is due at time of registration.

Please consider that your Donation and payment makes it possible for Teen Leaders in Restorative Justice to join us. We appreciate your generosity if you are able to donate additional funds for the Teen scholarships!


Is this training right for you?

In these challenging times where our anger and hurt is easily available to us, and our desire to do something is paramount, the yin model of restorative justice that TRC teaches is harder to access. Most of us need restorative yoga more than a restorative justice-training workshop!

During the training, I ask you to leave your personal agenda at the door. And to surrender results. And to be trained in a model where we hold space for everyone. One can see how counter intuitive this can feel in these times that already require so much of us.  I am confident that TRC’s model is a path forward but as with most journeys the work begins within.

This is all to say: we will require a pre-participation phone call to make sure our method is something you want to spend time learning. Training group will be kept small.

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