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Restorative Justice Fellowship for Teens


Adrian Tavarez

Adrian is a Teen a leader with TRC. He is energetic and some would say-- a lot of fun. He has been working  for TRC for almost two years. He has made it a personal goal to attend every circle possible in all borough of the city of New York and beyond. He likes being a circle keeper because it is a unique way to develop his leadership skills. He enjoys the process because it is a place where he can speak his mind regardless of the topic. He has trained lawyers, teacher, teens and younger kids in the circle process. He lives in the Bronx and attends high school.


ambar viera

Amber is proud to be a teen leader in restorative justice. The program has helped Amber expand her horizon and develop a more optimistic view about her community and the possibilities going forward. TRC helps her discover that the world need change and that the Teen Leaders can have an important role in bringing that change into the world. 


brian Bourdierd

Brian is an understanding and accepting person though sometimes shy and nervous. He has found that the circle process allows him a space to share his thoughts on issues in the world. He joined the TRC Teen Team in 2016 because he enjoyed the connection he could experience in the circle process. He has helped train volunteers around the city and in Newburgh.  He is 16, lives in the Bronx and loves to listen to music.


luis reyes

Luis is a 17 year old high school student from the South Bronx with the world ahead of him. He has a plethora of skill up his sleeves and is very optimistic. To him working with TRC opens up his mind to new ideas and new found ways of doing things. Luis feels everyone needs to connect to their power as people because they lose sight of that due to everything put into "stone" by the system. 


michael romero

Michael is a part of the fellowship program with TRC. He comes from the south bronx. He's 17 years old. He has been a part of many circles around the city of New York. He is trying to make a difference in his community and this process is his step to the right direction. He is working with TRC to build connections with new people and understand their experiences. He is doing his part to build a better world. 

Genesis Mosquea

Genesis a 16 year old circle leader from the Bronx. She finds that The Restorative Center allows her to help a goal to give an alternative to automatic punishment. She believes TRC gives a second chance to try and make things right in various situations, and circles can also serve the purpose of getting to know people better. Genesis started in April 2016 and plans on continuing with TRC to develop her communication and problem solving skills.


A new way

18th century writer and philosopher, Friedrich Schiller, said “keep true to the dreams of your youth.” Sadly, for many of our young people, especially in urban areas, youthful dreams have faded, disappeared, or worst, never formed. Young people today are overwhelmed by fear, despair, and anger; Fear from violence and trauma, despair from neglect and stress, and anger at anyone who can be blamed for their situation.

As a father of two teenagers, I want my son and daughter to realize their dreams. But what about the dreams of other young people? What do we do as a community to allow our young people to dream, heal, and thrive, to give them a sense of hope? Unfortunately, our systems have failed them. Police have failed; courts have failed; schools have failed; we have failed.

We must employ new ways and methods of engaging youth, to help them live more purposeful, driven, self-reliant, resilient, and restorative lives. A bold and different answer is the Restorative Center, a new way to reclaim and change the idea of justice.

TRC seeks a viable alternative to the adversarial system, a better way to resolve and deter conflict, to promote individual and community healing, and to reclaim and change the idea of justice.

We train teens to affect real change and promote engagement.

We recognize the progressive possibilities in working with young adults. To expand the availability of community circles and the reach of restorative justice, . We offer these trainings without cost to our Teens leaders. We ask for your continued support.

Join us in reclaiming and changing the idea of justice.